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Cameron Highlands...simple info

Cameron Highland mempunyai 2 kawasan utama iaitu Brinchang dan Tanah Rata. Tanah Rata lebih kepada pusat pentadbiran daerah manakala Brinchang pula tempat peranginan. Walau bagaimanapun, Brichang dan Tanah Rata tidaklah terlalu jauh dan terpulang kepada pengunjung untuk memilih tempat untuk menginap di sini.

Cameron Highlands (or Tanah Tinggi Cameron in Malay) is located in the state of
Pahang. Currently, there are two main roads that connect major towns in west coast of Peninsula Malaysia (such as Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang) to this popular highland resort town. The older access point is the Tapah - Ringlet route while the newer access has since been built from Simpang Pulai - Kg Raja.

The town of Brinchang is located some 70 kilometres to the northeast of Tapah which is accessible from the old Tapah - Cameron Highlands route, passing by Ringlet, Habu and Tanah Rata. Today, it is much better to use the new access road from Simpang Pulai to get to Brinchang through Kg Raja and Blue Valley.

Brinchang emanates a big town atmosphere commonly witnessed in lowland urban areas of Peninsula Malaysia. It is decidedly crowded with people, cramped with queuing cars and trucks going up to Kea's Farm or Boh Tea Plantation, or going down to Tanah Rata. In fact, during my visit, the impression left of the frenetic pace of this town was not exactly a pleasant one.

The town is filled with colourful buildings, some evidently trying to emulate Tudor designs commonly seen in English architecture. There are plenty of shops here for all good and sundry - groceries, handicrafts, food (mostly of Chinese delicacies), a Secret Recipe outlet, etc. There is also a Shell petrol station to refill your vehicles before you drive further up the mountain road from Brinchang.

Also during my visit, the town is noticeably bustling with construction activities. More and more adjoining hill slopes are being developed into commercial outlets, be it more shophouses, hotels or apartments. In general, Brinchang hosts a decent selection of hotels, motels and inns, although most are of average or below-average in term of highland resort experience due to their close proximity to the busy town centre.

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 Brinchang map

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